SOLVE(D)’s Managing Director in Europe: Embrace data and omnichannel strategies

Michael Le Brocq, SOLVE(D) Managing Director in Europe, notes that pharma and healthcare brands should view omnichannel strategies as an opportunity. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are currently feeling overwhelmed by pharma content and “brand fatigue is being driven in no small part by overuse of less popular channels,” he said. 

“Now, faced with the pressing need to improve customer experience and fueled by lessons learned about the power and potential of digital communications during the pandemic, 2023 looks set to be the year that healthcare – the pharma industry, especially – finally adopts data-driven marketing en masse,” Michael said.  

If omnichannel is done right, he highlights that a recent study showed pharma companies can expect an increase in revenue, marketing efficiencies, savings as well as an increase in prescribers and HCP satisfaction.  

“The key to delivering great CX isn’t a business-as-usual multichannel marketing approach but, instead, a full and open embracing of and commitment to data-driven omnichannel marketing,” Michael said.