McCann Global Health’s Katie and Zoe share insights to help brands champion climate justice

In the latest from Muse by Clio, McCann Global Health Strategy Director Katie Stack and Strategist Zoe Siegel share steps that health brands can take to address climate change, champion climate justice and positively affect public health.  

“Climate change is shifting the landscape for pharmaceutical and biotech brands, and the impact is only just beginning,” Katie and Zoe noted. “From infectious diseases to chronic diseases and mental health, climate change threatens to undermine the past 50 years of gains in public health, which is why the United Nations' 13th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG13) has called on the global community to take urgent action.” 

McCann Global Health’s digital climate cardshelp breakdown how climate change is aggravating human health across categories.

Katie and Zoe also note that trends show consumers want brands to respond to climate change, and that championing climate justice sets them apart. 

“Forty-one percent of consumers believe they should share equal responsibility for sustainability with brands, but they want those brands to lead the way, and this is becoming more and more important to younger generations,” they said.  

From understanding how climate change affects the patient population to integrating climate justice into strategy, Katie and Zoe elaborate on steps brands can take to make an impact.  

“Climate change is happening and threatening the livelihood of humanity, and each brand has a role to play,” said Katie and Zoe. “By addressing climate change and championing climate justice, health brands can forge a greater impact on public health and create lasting brand resonance through the process.”