McCann Health Brazil's Creative Director Alessandra shares her passion for working in the healthcare industry

In the latest from Tomilli, Alessandra Gomes, Creative Director at McCann Health Brazil, spoke about the success of the agency’s “Mother’s Milk Donate Glass Bottle” campaign at the 2022 Luum Awards, as well as her experience working in health advertising.  

“The greatest achievement of this campaign has undoubtedly been to bring to light the problem of breast milk wastage. About 30% of what reaches milk banks is lost through the use of inappropriate packaging,” Alessandra said. “We are talking about something very rich and important. Every drop that we can save in this process brings us an immeasurable return, because, after all, we are talking about the attempt to save the life of an extremely premature infant.” 

Alessandra also discussed her deep passion for working in the healthcare industry, saying that she feels great pride knowing that her work can “help someone make a better decision about their own health, show that there is a medicine available, [and] a treatment for the disease that afflicts them.” 

“We have a responsibility to take health communication to everyone, in the most diverse places, even the most remote,” Alessandra said. “As the president of IPG Health in Brasil, João Consorte, says, we work tirelessly for the democratization of health communication in the country. This is a daily motivation.”