IPG Health’s Chief Talent Officer Lisa DuJat discusses the impact of equity, diversity and inclusion on recruitment and retention

In the latest from MM+M, Lisa DuJat, Chief Talent Officer at IPG Health, shares her perspective on the value of connecting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to the purpose of an organization. 

“When people come into an organization and they feel really included and heard, they help us drive better work,” Lisa said. “The more we talk about getting to better work and getting to better conversations with clients and getting to better conversations with consumers, the more people actually embrace DEI.” 

She notes that, at IPG Health, EDI is incorporated into all regular training programs and that leaders are responsible for ensuring EDI is embedded into their respective disciplines.  

“It’s using the experts in their space to keep driving the agenda,” Lisa said. “When you approach it with that lens, people feel like they’re making a difference and it doesn’t feel as much about numbers, which does make some people uncomfortable.”