How AI is shaping the future of medical communications, from IPG Health leaders

Five leaders from across our network joined Pharma Phorum to explore how AI is impacting medical communications. From accelerated content production to enhanced data analysis, they discuss the transformative role of AI in healthcare communication strategy, along with barriers to innovation and the need for responsible adoption. 

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Headshot of Adriano Botter

Adriano Botter, Executive Director, Product Development, 90NORTH

Headshot of Charlotte Moseley

Charlotte Moseley, Executive Director, Client Engagement, IPG Health Medical Communications

Headshot of Ilana Scholl

Ilana Scholl, Head of Digital Strategy, Caudex

Headshot of Jack Vance

Jack Vance, Managing Director, Data and Activation, IPG Health and SOLVE(D)

Headshot of Órla Weir

Órla Weir, Head of Omnichannel, CMC Connect