IPG Health’s Chief Strategy Officer Julie Pilon weighs in on AI’s impact on search in pharma

As the use of generative AI expands, IPG Health’s Chief Strategy Officer Julie Pilon shares her perspective on how it will affect the search landscape. As the use of AI platforms like ChatGPT expand in place of traditional search engines, she notes that “traffic to the sources of knowledge—like the websites and the content we create—will suffer.” 

Julie said, “The AI models and platforms will be the entities reading our work becoming our ‘new audience,’ so how do we make sure that they become part of our target consideration process and develop a new field of AI optimization?” 

She also discusses some of the challenges that will arise for healthcare marketers as AI-powered tools are integrated into workstreams.   

“We’re in the big idea business, moving culture, creating movements and AI alone can’t do that for us,” Julie said. “Human creativity cannot be replaced but will be accelerated and expanded by the partnership AI can offer.”