IPG Health @ Adobe Summit 2024

The annual Adobe Summit, one of the preeminent experience marketing conferences in the world, brings together leaders and speakers from top organizations in the industry to discover the latest innovations, explore trends and learn from fellow experience marketing leaders. The summit focuses on Adobe’s vision and suite of tools, showcasing developments across its product lines, but also incorporates customer success stories through a series of panels, keynotes and breakout sessions.

This year, a major theme highlighted was AI’s role in content creation and how the Adobe suite of products and services amplifies AI across the customer experience. With thousands of professionals roaming the halls to learn more, it’s easy to see how much the industry is eager to understand the role of AI and Adobe’s role in advancing technology. Especially in regulated industries, like healthcare.

Our experts traveled to Las Vegas for the summit and here are their insights and takeaways:

Continuous integration

Dale Whitchurch, Executive Director, Production Intelligence, IPG Health

Several of the products in Adobe’s Content Supply Chain were purchased through acquisition and while it may not have appeared like the application itself was changing much, a lot of behind-the-scenes coding was going on to enable these tools to integrate easily. This year, Adobe revealed many new features that make it easier to work not only within Experience Cloud, but stay within one tool in the platform. I can’t wait to start leveraging these new and easier integrations to make everyone’s experience that much better and faster!

Content velocity 

Anthony Bellacicco, Director, Print Studio, Studio Rx

At Adobe Summit 2024, Adobe shared a unified vision for businesses to utilize advanced tools for seamless user experiences and improved content velocity. As part of the Content Supply Chain, content velocity refers to the efficient and timely creation, distribution and optimization of content to meet evolving digital demands. Advancements in Generative AI and the introduction of Firefly Creative Models and Services offer over 20 new APIs, enabling integration across various mediums. With enhanced tools and system integration, content creation and distribution are accelerated, offering the ability to optimize and adapt quickly to market needs.

Safely using Generative AI commercially

Graham Johnson, Chief Production Officer, IPG Health

It’s one thing to use Generative AI to develop a structure or a concept, but quite another to pull it through to a final asset. One of the things we find attractive about Adobe’s Generative AI models is that they are designed to be safely used commercially. This has opened a realm of possibilities, but there has been another legal issue to address. You really want to upload your own Intellectual Property (IP) to help train the model for your specific use, but you want that data to be kept private and not inform a broader model. Adobe just released Adobe Firefly Custom Models that solves this exact problem. You can now train a model using as few as 15 images and Firefly will customize its output to account for your brand. In effect, it learns brand guidelines and style references and uses that data to help produce “on brand” content.

Empowering Change for a Seamless Transformation

Tiffany Mo, Management Director, Content, IPG Health

The Adobe Summit was filled with exciting content supply chain announcements, including the launch of GenStudio, an AI-powered tool streamlining content creation. We also had the opportunity to hear from many organizations who shared their content supply chain journeys, and one thing was clear: the importance of bringing your people and teams along for the journey. Successfully implementing any transformation involves effective communication about the benefits, providing comprehensive training and support to develop new skills, and fostering a culture that encourages open communication and feedback. By prioritizing change management, organizations can ensure a smooth transition, maximize the return on investment from these powerful technologies, and empower their teams to successfully deliver and scale content.

The demand for content continues

Jessica Specker, Executive Director, Global Content Solutions, IPG Health

As customers are engaging with more content across channels, companies are continuing to face challenges to keep up!  Adobe shared that 90% of organizations are struggling with management of content. Personalization is hard to scale, and budgets are continuing to be under pressure. There were several sessions at Adobe Summit where clients shared their solutions for creating more content at scale. They ranged from creating new tools that integrate with the Adobe suite for review and approval to organizational changes like creating in-house studios or leveraging partners for content hubs or factories. Adobe continues to double down on their Content Supply Chain to gain operational efficiencies and create a single source of truth for content creation. And everyone is trying to crack the code on scaled modular content, especially in healthcare, which requires a different way of thinking and working. Success comes down to what’s right for your organization and how you go about managing that change.

Oh, and everyone should see Shaq DJ… it is an experience.

Shaq DJing the Adobe Summit 2024

Adobe Summit 2024 paints a picture of a quickly evolving content and experience marketing landscape. From the seamless integration of tools to the pursuit of accelerated content creation, these perspectives underscore a dynamic industry committed to meeting the demands of the digital world. And it’s continuing to rapidly change. Companies are learning how to take advantage of AI technology and apply it to their current business models, fueling the changes in how we work and what we are able to create at speed and at scale.

Adobe continues to play a major role in this evolution, and we continue to incorporate their advancements into our ways of working, bringing more innovation to our clients every day.