Endpoints News spotlights FCB Health New York’s “Blood Equality” campaign following FDA blood donation proposal for gay and bisexual men

The latest from Endpoints News highlights how FCB Health New York used creativity to drive change through the “Blood Equality” campaign, created in partnership with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC)

Seven years since the campaign was created to push for the removal of restrictions for gay and bisexual men looking to donate blood, the FDA’s recent proposal would change these restrictions.  

Mike Devlin, Executive Creative Director at FCB Health New York, said that the proposal is a step in the right direction but “still falls short.” 

“It’s a big question about how we continue to respectfully yell at the FDA for the little things that they think are incremental improvements, but are still keeping people from donating,” Mike said. “We were so excited when the news was coming out. Then you peel it back a bit and it’s nuanced — it’s not the big success we were hoping for.” 

Mike and Jason Cianciotto, Vice President of Policy and Communications at GMHC, said they are hopeful the campaign will spur even more change. The article also calls out FCB Health New York and GMHC’s current campaign, “Dumb Law Paradox” and previous works, “Blood Flags” and “Blood Vessels.”