AREA 23 and FCB Health New York named Digiday’s 2022 WorkLife Award winners

Congratulations to this year’s WorkLife Award Winners: AREA 23 and FCB Health New York! AREA 23 took home the award for Most Innovative Culture and FCB Health New York was named Most Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  

“The 2022 WorkLife Awards winners demonstrated how organizations are making strides to cultivate cultures where work-life balance is at the core. This year, initiatives around mental well-being, physical health, workplace flexibility and diversity emerged as top priorities among the entrants and subsequent winners.” – WorkLife 

FCB Health New York – Most Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  

According to WorkLife, “FCB Health New York has gained significant momentum through its platform and DEI programs via donated media and influential partners like Google and Reddit. It’s also focused on advancing LGBTQ+ equality through its longstanding partnership with GMHC, the ‘Blood Equality’ initiative and its Inclusive Managers Toolkit, a mandatory 10-week program designed to provide managers of all levels with skills and resources to thrive.” 

AREA 23 – Most Innovative Culture 

“Health advertising agency AREA 23 embraces innovation by giving its employees opportunities to get creative,” according to WorkLife. “The company gave every employee free, non-billable time to work on non-billable passion projects, which helped create a culture centered around innovation and inspiration, one not held back by rules and regulations.”