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Prioritize your wellbeing

We wouldn’t be a good health marketing network if we didn’t prioritize our people’s physical, emotional and financial health. Through flexible work and time off, competitive benefits and a vast array of wellbeing offerings, we empower our people to be successful in both their professional and personal lives.  


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Mental wellbeing

When it comes to where and how we work, we empower our people and teams to decide what works best for them, while also providing key resources to enable healthy lifestyles. 

  • Flexible time-off policy for you to take time as needed 

  • Free access to Headspace, an award-winning mindfulness and sleep app

  • Fair, equitable and inclusive support for all employees from our confidential, unbiased Employee Relations and Wellbeing Team 

  • "Chats for Change" sessions focused on navigating the most common equity, diversity and inclusion related communication challenges

  • Complimentary counseling sessions for all employees and their loved ones through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


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Family wellbeing 

We want to help you put your family first. We ensure our people feel supported in managing not only their work, but also life and family responsibilities.  

  • Back-up care and support through

  • On-demand resources for family planning, pregnancy, postpartum and pediatrics for you and your partner via Maven 

  • Employee and Family Leave policy to support you when extended time off is needed to care for a family member 


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Financial wellbeing  

Round out your coverage with benefits that offer financial protection and support and assist with all areas of life. 

  • A variety of health benefits and voluntary benefits  

  • A savings plan that allows you to save and invest in your future, with a competitive company match  

  • Option to purchase shares of Interpublic stock at a discounted price  

  • Opportunity to take approved job-related courses and be reimbursed for eligible expenses  

  • Program to manage transportation expenses for commuting purposes 

  • Various insurance policies to choose from to protect from the unexpected, including legal coverage, home, auto, accident and pet insurance