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Grow your career

Our people are the heart of our business, and we take our responsibility seriously when it comes to ensuring they have endless opportunities to grow and develop new skills, apply their strengths and interests to new experiences, and be challenged in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s early-career development, leadership training, or mentorship and learning opportunities, we partner with best-in-class providers to bring high-quality, hands-on experiences to our people. At IPG Health, the opportunities for growth are endless, and we empower our people to proactively explore their potential and take control of their career journey within our vast network.

We are passionately committed to doing what’s right for our clients, their brands and our people. 

Hear from our CEO Dana Maiman as she takes you through our Proactive Career Management philosophy.  


As a part of our network, you would have access to a plethora of development resources which include but are not limited to:  




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For new employees who are making the transition from general to healthcare advertising, The Residency teaches fundamental pharmaceutical marketing principles and practices to ensure new hires are ready to thrive and can continue to learn and grow within their agency for years to come. 

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This junior-level career development program is designed for employees who want to be recognized as a rising star within their agency, expand their network and have access to key resources that will help them excel in their careers.  

Continued support 



Through our partnership with BetterUp, select leaders can gain access to six months of virtual one-on-one leadership coaching focused on individualized goals. In addition to their weekly coach, participants also have access to coaches specializing in sleep and nutrition, working parents, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as well as communication and presentation skills. 

IPG Health Mentor 

Whether you’re starting your career, looking for fresh new ideas to widen your perspective, or branching outside your comfort zone, IPG Health Mentor provides an invaluable experience for mentors and mentees from across our global network to grow and learn.  

IPG Health Discover 

IPG Health Discover houses our comprehensive learning and development resources in one place and allows users to tailor a unique development journey that suits their needs. 

Live workshops  

We offer a curriculum of live workshops to help our people develop various skills, such as presentation skills, confidence, emotional intelligence, intentional inclusion and more.  

Support for managers 

Our Managers’ Communication Guide series gives managers an opportunity to explore how inclusive management techniques can be applied to some of the most common and challenging moments they may face – from giving constructive feedback while acknowledging different cultural perspectives, to initiating discussions about EDI and more. 

Equity, diversity and inclusion resources 

We can’t do what’s right for our clients, their brands and our people unless EDI is at the heart of all we do. Our EDI Resource Hub makes it easy to find tools, ideas, programs and initiatives from across the network, making us collectively smarter and better partners for our clients and each other. 



We have a healthy obsession for talent and the way we work now. We created The Bank as an opportunity to advance client projects across the network with the support of experienced talent. It is a resource management hub that enables talent to pivot across diverse network teams and assignments.