McCann Health London and McCann London’s new campaign “redefines the way we shop for plants”

In collaboration with online plant retailer Plant Drop, McCann Health London and McCann London launched “Smart Plants,” which allows people to shop for houseplants based on their pollution-absorbing properties.  

A label with “Pollutant Absorption System” is displayed on each plant pot, noting which pollutant the houseplant removes from the air. Customers can use a simple questionnaire to find a plant that best suits their needs. 

“Revisiting NASA’s research and teaming up with leading botanists across the world to identify the pollution-tackling properties of each plant was a detailed process,” said Guy Swimer, Executive Creative Director of McCann Health London. “Our hope is that more nurseries and retailers adopt the ‘Pollutant Absorption System,’ so we can all become better informed about the health benefits plants can bring.”