MM+M showcases McCann Health New Jersey’s “hemophilia GIFs that keep on giving”

MM+M’s Campaign Confidential highlights how McCann Health New Jersey and Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation are shifting the conversation around hemophilia by creating positive representations of the blood disease.  

To address negative representations of the hemophilia community online, a series of 10 GIFs was created, each featuring a cartoon drop of blood accompanied by a variety of slogans. These GIFs, created in 2022, received more than 1.5 million views and are now the top results users see when typing “hemophilia + GIF” into Google. A second phase with 27 more GIFs was recently unveiled, resulting from a collaboration with patients living with hemophilia along with their families. 

To kickstart this collaboration, “creativity kits” were sent to advocacy organizations to share with their members. Members were asked “to create their hemophilia triumph and their hemophilia challenge,” said Mike Nuckols, Creative Director at McCann Health New Jersey.  


An image of a cartoon drop of blood wearing a superhero cape with text that reads "No fear hemo mom is here!"
An image of a cartoon drop of blood sitting on a bandaid with text "can't clot won't clot"
An image of a cartoon drop of blood wearing a superhero cape with text that reads "It's time for super hemo hero dad!"

“It’s amazing what we got back. They took images from magazines, they drew, they did all kinds of crazy stuff,” Mike said. “Then we had interviews where we got a bunch of our designers and social media folks on a Zoom call with each person who participated and they walked us through their design.” 

Bruno Abner, Chief Creative Officer at McCann Health New Jersey said the collaboration gave agency to people living with hemophilia. 

“They are the designers of their own voice on the internet and they’re also the influencers of their communities,” Bruno said. “They’re now the creators with more control of the narrative of how the disease is portrayed, how to communicate about it and how to fight stereotypes.”