IPG Health sweeps the 2023 New York Festivals Health Awards

We're celebrating an incredible showing at this year’s New York Festivals Health Awards! Through innovative technology and creative, our people are leaving the world better than we found it, and the industry has noticed. 

Not only did IPG Health receive the prestigious Healthcare Network of the Year accolade, but our agencies received over 30 awards for their trailblazing work! 

Check out the full list of wins:

Healthcare Network of the Year – IPG Health  

Holding Company of the Year – IPG  

Healthcare Agency of the Year – AREA 23  



AREA 23 logo


Contagious, NTM Facts | Silver x 1  

Gout Revisited | Bronze x 1  

Lil Sugar – Master of Disguise | Gold x 3, Silver x 1 

SICK BEATS | Gold x 1, Silver x 2  

The Inevitable News | Silver x 1 

The Unwearable Collection | Gold x 3, Silver x 2 

Tired Greatness | Silver x 1  

Trapped, NTM Facts | Gold x 3 

Unbreakable, NTM Facts | Gold x 3 



FCB Health Europe logo


Picture The Days Ahead | Bronze x 1 




THE DUMB LAW PARADOX, Blood Equality | Silver x 1  

The Trial for #ClinicalEquality | Gold x 1, Bronze x 1 




Donate Glass Bottle | Bronze x 1 




House Rules | BEST OF SHOW, Grand x 1, Gold x 3

Unveiled | Bronze x 1