IPG Health leaders appointed to the 2023 New York Festivals Health Awards jury

Congratulations to our talented leaders who have been appointed jurors for the 2023 New York Festivals Health Awards Health Grand Jury, Executive Jury and DE&I Board!  

Check out the full list below:


Paula Almeida  Health Grand Jury

Danielle Decatur  Health Grand Jury

Tim Hawkey – Executive Jury

Renata Maia  Health Grand Jury

Andrea Sabbatini Health Grand Jury

Pamela Savage   Health Grand Jury

Widerson Souza  Health Grand Jury

Franklin Williams DE&I Board



Jacqui Sutton  Health Grand Jury


FCB Health Brazil logo

Diego Freitas  Health Grand Jury

Diogo Barbosa  Health Grand Jury


FCB Health Canada logo

Lily Shui  Health Grand Jury


FCB Health Europe logo

Ranjini Balan  Health Grand Jury

Rachael Graham  Health Grand Jury

Eric John  Health Grand Jury


FCB Health New York logo

Sommer Bazuro DE&I Board

Brendan Gannon  Health Grand Jury 

Kathleen Nanda Executive Jury

Erica Thwaites  Health Grand Jury

Roberto Vilhena  Health Grand Jury


IPG Health Brasil logo

Rodrigo Sanches  Health Grand Jury


IPG Health Germany logo

Yvonne Andreas  Health Grand Jury 

Philipp Schmitt  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Australia logo

Kate Chisnall  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Brazil logo

Silvia Spinola  Health Grand Jury

Fernando Franchim  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Canada logo

Sean Jordan  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health China logo

Samson Du  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Frankfurt logo

Nadine Mueller  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Italy logo

Sarah Amatori  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health Japan logo

Shunsuke Kakinami  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health London logo

Guy Swimer  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health New Jersey logo

Bruno Abner  Executive Jury 

Deb Feath  Health Grand Jury


McCann Health New York logo

Aaron Alamo  Health Grand Jury

Josh Grossberg  Health Grand Jury

Roger Stephens  Executive Jury


McCann Health Paris

Melissa Brunet  Health Grand Jury


Neon logo

Morgan Mellas  Health Grand Jury