IPG Health’s Jack Vance and Julie Pilon join MM+M to discuss data and AI for creativity in healthcare marketing

Jack Vance, Managing Director, Data and Activation at IPG Health and SOLVE(D), and Julie Pilon, Chief Strategy Officer at IPG Health, joined MM+M to explore how we’re “leveraging the industry’s most advanced data stack for healthcare.” 

Jack and Julie highlighted EPIC – our proprietary, tech-enabled data platform that transforms healthcare and audience data into actionable insights that fuel our creative output. They also discussed the evolving role of AI for creativity. 

“[AI] is intended to make and add value to what we do every single day,” Jack said. “It is not intended to replace, and the endgame is not to have a generative AI-built campaign. It’s to have a great campaign that activates audiences, and generative AI will most likely be a part of it because it’s going to a part of everything that we do.”