IPG Health campaigns win Saniss Awards

The 2023 Saniss Awards honors “the best of the health creative world,” and it’s no surprise IPG Health campaigns took home a myriad of wins! Cheers to FCB Health Canada, McCann Health Brazil, McCann Health Greater China and McCann Health Italy for their well-deserved awards.



FCB Health Canada logo


Dyscover Dysport, Dysport Aesthetic

Bronze x 1 

Sick With The Flu, Supemtek

Bronze x 1 



McCann Health Brazil's logo


Mother's Milk, Donate Glass Bottle

Silver x 4 



McCann Health China logo


Save the Itchy Earth, Pfizer Hong Kong, Staquis

Silver x 1 

A Drop of Possibility, Shanghai Blood Administration Office

Bronze x 1 

Not Another Sad Song, Pfizer Hong Kong, Pristiq

Bronze x 1 



McCann Health Boot logo


PrEPARED, Viatris

GRAND PRIX, Silver x 1, Bronze x 1 

Willchair, Novartis

Gold x 1