FCB Health New York’s Elise Whitaker joins MM+M to discuss the growing use of conversational AI in healthcare

FCB Health New York’s Director of Conversational Experience Elise Whitaker recently joined MM+M to discuss conversational AI’s rise in popularity in the healthcare space.

She shares that she first used AI in healthcare over five years ago when working with a pharmaceutical company to automate their call center.

“We were at the time utilizing conversational AI to triage those frequently asked questions to the call center by [healthcare professionals] and allowing them to self-serve without having to dial the 1-888 number,” Elise said. “And that was for a portfolio of products.”

Elise also notes that this technology can be useful to provide patients with support in gaining knowledge about their prescriptions. For instance, in place of static chatbots used for frequently asked questions, conversational AI can provide insightful answers based on actual experiences from patients and healthcare providers.

In the future, she hopes that we can “get to a place with large language models where they can be fully trusted,” and that generative AI can move into the pharma and healthcare space in a “very safe way.”