AREA 23’s Alec Pollak weighs in on TikTok's algorithm

In the latest from Vox, Alec Pollak, Group Director of Engagement Strategy at AREA 23, shares his thoughts on TikTok’s “For You” page – where content is discovered for users and displayed as a stream of videos in the app.  

“We have information overload and choice overload, and [TikTok’s “For You” page] is a response to that,” Alec said. “It’s a comfortable space to be in when you don’t have to make choices.” 

Alec notes that the more data the platform has on a user’s behavior, the more useful the results.  

“It’s a very satisfying search for people who are in it all the time,” he said. 

Pollak also discusses the role generative AI could play in determining user behavior. 

“The idea of a static UI may start to shift in and of itself; if more and more the [user’s] intent is understood, you don’t even have to find where the button is,” he said. “If it knows what you want, it’ll put a big button in front of you.”