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EDI+You: Culture

We’re obsessed with ensuring everyone in our interconnected family feels a deep sense of belonging, and actively create initiatives and spaces where everyone can learn about critical equity, diversity and inclusion issues in a safe environment. This includes:


Dedicated to fostering a culture of equity, respect and healthy working relationships across agency

An opportunity for global people managers from different backgrounds and departments to connect with one another about specific topics (i.e., feedback, coaching, etc.) and share insights to strengthen their ability to successfully manage direct reports

An initiative that equips employees with the skills to have more conscious conversations in their day-to-day work lives

A series of spontaneous and candid talks focused on critical and often difficult topics such as micro-inequities, anti-racism, ageism, gender relations and allyship

Our employee-led Diversity & Inclusion Council is committed to creating interconnectivity and promoting diversity across the network, offering peer-to-peer learning moments, activities, discussions and community service opportunities around critical diversity issues that matter to our people

Talent recruitment

The brightest and most creative thinking comes from people of all backgrounds and walks of life, and we’re relentless in securing a pipeline of talent that helps shape the future of health.


A group photo of the 2022 Bold Beginners summer interns at IPG Health's New York city office.

We’re actively creating greater efficiencies in our recruitment process to mitigate bias and attract talent from all perspectives. By proactively engaging talent in and outside of the health marketing industry, we recognize diverse skills and backgrounds are necessary for the success of our business.

Once you’re here, we offer immersion programs beyond the initial onboarding to ensure you have the tools to succeed in your career.