The Drum features AREA 23’s groundbreaking “bAIgrapher” campaign

The latest from The Drum highlights how creatives at AREA 23 have used artificial intelligence to help Alzheimer’s patients retain their memories. Trained on over 400 biographies from the greatest writers, the world’s first artificial intelligence biographer is designed to “turn an Alzheimer’s patient’s life story into an enduring artifact.”  



After responding to a series of questions about their life, patients using bAIgrapher receive a cohesive narrative of their life story in the form of a physical book, PDF or MP3. While family and friends are also able to contribute to the narrative, Thiago Fernandes, Creative Director at AREA 23, notes that “the patient always gets the privilege of owning their story.” 

“All of us deserve a biography, but not all of us are Benjamin Franklin,” Thiago said. “That’s where AI comes in.”