Muse by Clio features FCB Health New York’s Kathleen Nanda

Kathleen Nanda, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Health New York sat down with Muse by Clio to share her journey to the health marketing industry, along with some of her favorite work.  

"When I was a writer in consumer, I got pulled in to help on a women's health project. A spark was immediately lit, and I never looked back,” Kathleen said. 

Kathleen notes that one of her favorite projects to work on has been “The Trial for #ClinicalEquality,” along with recent campaigns from the “Blood Equality” initiative including "Blood Vessels" and "The Dumb Law Paradox." 

Looking ahead, Kathleen shares her excitement for how health is evolving, noting that “health gets bigger and better every year.” 

“There is more innovation, more creativity and more determination to do great work,” Kathleen said. “I love that we’re putting the power of creativity front and center to help change people’s lives.”