MM+M’s “How did I get here?” features IPG Health’s Alice Choi

In the latest from MM+M, Alice Choi, Managing Director, Client Solutions (APAC) at IPG Health, describes what drew her to the industry after completing a master’s degree in public health and a Ph.D. in cancer epidemiology. 

“I realized that I had a huge appreciation for science but didn’t particularly love doing science,” Alice said. “The lab was not for me.” 

Alice said she knew she wanted to utilize her scientific training, but didn’t want to stay in academia. When she joined a management training program at an agency, she fell in love. 

Alice says she enjoys “commercial problem-solving and liaising with a lot of people,” and that from a young age she knew she “wanted to make a meaningful difference in the world.” 

Outside of work, Alice highlights her relationship with her three daughters and her love for artist Frankie Valli, who she calls a “near-godlike person.”