IPG Health’s Julie and Sommer join MM+M to discuss how to make creative solutions more inclusive

IPG Health’s Chief Strategy Officer Julie Pilon and Chief Medical Officer Sommer Bazuro joined MM+M to share insights on how marketers can make their creative solutions more inclusive. They note that it starts at the foundational strategy phase — with the very first creative brief. 

“Ultimately, we want to get to a place where all of the teams involved in the clinical development process, from bench to bedside, are truly thinking about inclusion and are being inclusive,” Sommer said. 

Julie and Sommer also share that centering equity, diversity and inclusion across the entire strategic process yields powerfully inclusive and impactful creative solutions in which audiences see themselves. They discuss our proprietary inclusive quotient — “inQ,” – and how to deliver inclusive experiences that drive behavioral change for good and for all.  

At IPG Health, Julie notes that having an institutionalized, inclusive process as part of the fabric of the network has been a key success factor.  

“It is not a box that we check,” Julie said. “It is something that is ongoing, and, frankly, our clients are demanding this. Our clients want more inclusive teams, they want us to come in with [an] inclusive framework. They’re putting us to the test, and we need to deliver, as we should.”