IPG Health partners with MM+M on 2022 Diversity Survey to assess the state of DE&I in the industry

We’re proud to partner with MM+M to measure and showcase the progress healthcare has made in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and its opportunities for growth in the future, through the 2022 Diversity Survey.

“Our findings paint a mixed picture, with many respondents acknowledging that their efforts are just getting started and progress is slow to materialize,” said MM+M. “That said, the results also show many opportunities for organizations to grow talent and integrate DEI into the future of the industry.”

More than 50% of respondents said the primary factor driving an increase in diversity is that DE&I is a stated goal of the organization, and 62% of companies are now using check and balances on creative work.

44% of respondents felt that the lack of diversity in the applicant pool is hindering diversity within the organization. IPG Health Chief Talent Officer Lisa shares how we’re working to broaden our talent pool, recruiting from non-traditional backgrounds including tech, CPG, medical journalism, and PharmD candidates.

“Is there talent in the industry? Yes. Is there enough? Probably not,” said Lisa. “There are many different fields from which you can bring people in.”

Photo of IPG Health Chief Talent Officer Lisa DuJat

To recruit talent and help them adapt to the industry, we’ve introduced programs including The Residency for newcomers to healthcare, Reboot for veterans and Write It Forward for entry-level science copywriters.

“As an industry, we are collectively accountable for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our field. It’s up to us, and we can do it, said Lisa. “If we focus not only on attracting the right talent, but also investing to set them up for success, and interrogating our ‘tried-and-true’ ways of doing things across the board, that’s how we’ll make real, lasting change.”