McCann Health New York Executive Creative Director discusses building healthcare’s creative talent pool

McCann Health New York’s Executive Creative Director Josh Grossberg sat down with Muse by Clio to share his journey to healthcare marketing and thoughts on how the industry can attract more creative talent.  

“Brands everywhere these days are all looking to demonstrate their purpose. But the clients we're talking about in health have that purpose built in,” Josh said. “I'm not convinced potato-chip brands are really trying to save disadvantaged children in the developing world. But I am confident that cutting-edge oncology research is.” 

To give creatives a path into the healthcare industry, Josh notes that the industry needs to provide people with training to apply their skills in a new sector. 

“So, we have to provide on-ramps for the people who want in. Exactly why IPG Health has a program to train writers in the skills they need to work in health,” Josh said. “The other thing is we can't be satisfied with mediocre work. Yes, we have a ton of regulatory stuff to deal with. But we also have clients who are literally saving the world. Those two things kind of balance out. So, we have to give creative people the opportunity to make creative stuff with a real purpose. If we do, they will flock to the industry.”