IPG Health Campaigns Address Frontline Healthcare Workers’ Mental Health Struggles

The mental health crisis of our frontline healthcare workers was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our creatives at FCB Health New York and McCann Health London devised innovative pro bono campaigns and solutions that bring awareness to, and address, this issue.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we spoke with them to learn about their work, why it was important to produce and the impact it’s having on the healthcare community.

Disappearing Doctors

“We call on doctors every day to keep us safe and healthy. Sadly, our society doesn’t offer the same compassion in return. It’s nearly impossible for doctors to open up about mental health issues. If they do, they may lose their careers. If they don’t, they may lose their lives. Every day, at least 1 doctor dies by suicide in the United States.

FCB Health New York decided we had to act. Doctors deserve better. We partnered with Sermo to build the first ever, anonymous, safe space where doctors can find the resources they need, without fear of repercussions. Now, our coalition is healing healers and bringing them together—in person and online—to fight the stigma. It’s time to show them the same care that they provide everyone else.” – Justin Kovarsy, Creative Director, FCB Health NY

The Feelings

“COVID-19 put our healthcare system under pressure like never before – and the people who work within it. As a network that relies on our understanding of healthcare professionals, we heard their accounts of how the last few years have felt to them and created memorable, sharable social content to support our frontline workers.” – Guy Swimer, Executive Creative Director, McCann Health London