FCB Health New York’s “Disposables” campaign sheds light on physician burnout and suicide

MM+M’s Campaign Confidential highlights FCB Health New York and Disappearing Doctors’ latest collaboration to address burnout and suicide among doctors. 

The “Disposables,” a series of portraits of doctors who died by suicide, was created using medical waste donated by doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.  

“These are the people who keep us alive and keep us healthy, who enable so much and they are treated like, in our opinion, trash and are being thrown out and discarded,” said Justin Kovarsy, Creative Director at FCB Health New York.  

The portraits, created by artist and Associate Creative Director at FCB Health New York Jeremy Rosario, have already been displayed at several events, sparking important conversations among the healthcare community.  

“To my surprise, the artwork helps people get up and speak of their own personal experiences as residents or in medical school around suicide,” Jeremy said. “As the stories accumulated, many doctors approached us and said how this would have never been a conversation that would have taken place in the past. It feels like a step in the right direction.”