IPG Health’s Chief Medical Officer Sommer Bazuro on diversifying clinical trials: “It’s a win-win for all”

In a recent assessment of the state of diversity in clinical trials, Pharma Live highlights IPG Health’s clinical trial diversity offering – an industry first designed to help pharma and healthcare companies diversify their clinical trials and ensure more inclusive treatment innovations. 

“While some in the industry are just starting to focus on the woefully overlooked importance of diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, our agencies and teams at IPG Health have been focused on it for years now. Over the years, through initiatives like our Trial for #ClinicalEquality campaign, we have invested deeply in understanding the complexities, variables, gaps, and opportunities,” Sommer Bazuro, Chief Medical Officer at IPG Health said. “And we’ve been building impactful partnerships with stakeholders and clinical trial sponsors across the full clinical trial process – from trial recruitment, retention, and engagement.” 

Sommer said that sponsors who want to diversify their clinical trials must look beyond the surface-level understanding of diversity, and that cultures, beliefs and nuances need to be considered in recruitment efforts. 

“There must be a data-driven depth of understanding of the target patient population that you’re seeking to diversify your trial with, beyond the superficial,” Sommer said. “You then use that information to inform how you approach HCPs, patients, and caregivers. All of this demands a depth of medical and scientific expertise, creativity, and specialized capabilities that IPG Health is uniquely positioned to provide.” 

With the large investments trial sponsors already make, Sommer said clinical trial diversity can be a “true accelerator.” 

“Diversifying clinical trials helps ensure access to innovative life-saving treatments for all patients,” she said. “Really, it’s a win-win for all.”