Endpoints News highlights marketing strategy for FCB Health New York client Cologuard

The latest from Endpoints News highlights FCB Health New York client Cologuard, a colorectal screening test, and its innovative marketing strategy. 

As a recent driver of brand awareness, the article calls out how “Little CG,” the animated talking white-and-blue box, has inspired parodies, memes and even a recent skit on “Saturday Night Live.” 


Head to YouTube to view a version of this video with closed captioning.


Daniel Mailliard, Group Creative Director at FCB Health New York said the team was thrilled to see the “Saturday Night Live” skit. 

“We embrace those conversations,” Daniel said. “For us, it is a bigger conversation than ‘yes, you do have to poop in a box,’ but the end result of that means bringing you peace of mind or early detection outweighs any discomfort. The more people are talking about it, the more we want to embrace it. I think it lessens the stigma.” 

The easily-recognized animated box is also featured in the latest campaign, “My Way,” which features “lyrics about using the Cologuard test set to the Frank Sinatra classic tune.”