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Hill Holliday Health: We help people fight their daily battle for better health

Somewhere along the way, we fall in love with the people we’re trying to help. And we use every bit of that love, compassion and empathy to fuel us to create ideas that change lives. Even save them. It’s an incredible opportunity and powerful responsibility that all of us Humble Hungry Humans take very seriously each and every day. So don’t let all the fun we’re having fool you. 

Our Approach

Reveal the Truth

We go deep to expose genuine, multi-layered insights that connect with people in powerful and unexpected ways.

We insert ourselves into our targets’ lives, literally and figuratively; we sit beside them — not across from them — to get raw, unfiltered views of their worlds.

Understanding what people are doing, thinking, and feeling at any given point helps us fully dimensionalize personal journeys. People are looking to fulfill their missions in life, and their health or conditions need to be seen in that full context.

We don’t just listen, we hear people — what they say, how they say it, even what they don’t say — all with real compassion and empathy.

Create Ideas that Move People

We push category boundaries with compelling, inspiring ideas that emotionally move people to take action. 

Our storytelling is built to express the real truths that reflect real life, so we connect in a more meaningful way, building brand loyalty and driving action.

Respecting our target, clients, condition, culture, and competitive landscape allows us to deliver distinct, relevant, and appropriate ideas for each unique situation.

Safe, non-descript work gets lost in the shuffle — and never enters patients’ minds. Boldly redefining category boundaries is what truly breaks through to disrupt complacency and inertia. Only then can you move people to better health.

Never Rest

No campaign is ever finished. And neither are we.

We closely monitor every aspect of our campaigns through the lens of “could it be working better?” We make both micro-adjustments and strategic refinements to ensure our efforts win today’s share battle, and set the stage for future growth.

Category, competition, company, culture — what big shifts require us to re-examine our assumptions for the coming quarter, year, two years? Consistent interrogation results in a virtuous cycle in which we’re always looking to reveal new truths.