Graphic of Paris skyline

FCB Health Paris


FCB Health Paris, an IPG Health Company, believes in a never finished process, a relentless drive and a passion for growth. We are a creative healthcare advertising agency for an interconnected world, and we exist to get hearts pumping.

In Paris, we unite industry experts, skilled medical scientists and creative storytellers with a single core belief – that changing behavior is essential to driving results. Results not only for our clients, but for the healthcare professionals and the patients they help every day. And changing behavior with healthcare professionals involves more than just data. It takes understanding and targeting biases and emotional preferences that can get in the way.

Our experts in strategy, high end scientific content and omnichannel tactics never stop uncovering unique, thought-provoking and behavior-changing insights – the revelations that determine the right media mix to best reach your target audience.

Our people are also global and regional thinkers. They help everyday brands from France to become global players. Our agency has always been built on the idea that business imperatives such as growth, innovation and EDI need to be everyone’s responsibility. They are embedded into every step of our journey. Because people come first.


  • Health consultancy
  • Local & international medical communication
  • Medical education, KOL management
  • Healthcare professional marketing
  • Consumer health & wellness
  • Specialty practices
  • Corporate communication
  • Digital and multi-channel communication