Dogs Eat Everything



During the pandemic, puppy adoptions soared – along with accidental puppy poisonings. As people found solace in sourdough, CBD, and other pursuits, they created new poison dangers for dogs. 

FCB Health New York, in partnership with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), created an integrated campaign to train new dog owners to pet-proof their homes. Based on the universal truth that dogs eat everything, the campaign playfully points out the dangers that lurk inside the house. Instead of finger-wagging, a cast of quirky canines shows what can happen when good dogs eat bad things. 

To bring the campaign idea to life, FCB Health New York teamed up with Chicago-based Calabash Animation to create an animated video, with music and lyrics written by agency employees. Housed on YouTube, the video directs people to an engaging website with content about top toxins, symptoms to watch for and what to do in an emergency.

The mobile site features a unique chatbot and scanner that lets users take a picture of what the dog ate to determine how toxic it is. Users can also quickly call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for immediate help.

A children’s book placed in vet waiting rooms uses rhymes and illustrations to tell tales of dogs' unhappy endings, while content on TikTok and Instagram promote the campaign and encourage engagement.

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