Ditch the Vape


Head to YouTube to view a version of this video with closed captioning.  

"Ditch the Vape. Get what’s yours" is the latest anti-vaping collaboration between McCann Global Health and The Evelyn Lilly Lutz Foundation. The film shows how the average $1,000-1,500 that teens spend annually on vaping could be better spent on other experiences and hobbies. It’s a refreshingly different approach to the usual anti-vaping messaging, focusing on the damage to teens’ wallets, not their lungs.

The film inspires teens to make healthier decisions about the money they earn, placing them in a seat of power instead of shaming them for vaping or scaring them with a litany of health repercussions. Guided by the personal passions and hobbies of real-life students, the film playfully shows how the money spent on vaping can fuel a diverse range of interests. And while teens may consider vaping with their friend in times of stress or high anxiety, the film’s protagonist boldly declares, “Friends don’t steal friends’ s#!t.” 

Filmed at Beverly High School in Beverly, Massachusetts, the casting of this PSA was as vital as its overall message. Featuring real Massachusetts high schoolers and filming at a real high school provided a layer of authenticity which is crucial when speaking to teens.