Cardiac Christmas Cards

Christmas is a magical time. But it’s a dangerous time for hearts; on Christmas Eve, your risk of a heart attack rises 37%.

But how do you get the message out about this seasonal danger? You get family and friends to send it for you, as a Cardiac Christmas Card. 

The cards starred someone whose poor diet, infrequent exercise and high-stress job puts him at particular risk on Christmas Eve – Santa Claus. 

Illustrated in a beautiful, vintage style, the campaign showed classic Christmas scenes, but with a sobering twist. Amid the twinkling lights, prancing reindeer and gently falling snow, Santa is shown clutching his chest and collapsing, experiencing the devastating effects of a heart attack.


The cards were sold in partnership with Thortful, the UK’s largest card marketplace. 

The campaign also featured a Spotify radio ad with a heart failure version of ‘The Night before Christmas’. 

The Spotify radio ad had a click-through rate 42 times higher than the Spotify average.

On the back of the campaign, visits to the Heart Research UK website increased by 117% on the previous year, and the number of new users increased by 223%. 

Helping to keep more hearts healthy over the holidays.