The Virtual Conference Booth



The COVID-19 outbreak has had an unprecedented impact on the 2020 congress schedule. Many upcoming congresses have been canceled and others will become virtual events. This means that work that has been planned or is in progress for live events will now need to be put to new use.

The solution: transport your experience online – a virtual booth.

A virtual booth can address the raesons why an HCP visits a booth:

Virtual Brand Worlds


Your brand already has a website. Your virtual booth should serve a different purpose. Virtual booths should be a place where your customers can immerse themselves in your brand and directly connect with your brand representatives.

Virtual Booths Don't Need to be a Recreation of Your Physical Booth

Without the limitations of physical construction, a virtual booth can take any form
we can imagine.

  • How about an immersive version of your new campaign?
  • A recreation of your company’s headquarters lobby to discuss your corporate commitment?
  • A dive into the cellular world to explore a disease awareness campaign?



360° Tour

Navigate through the virtual booth with immersive imagery embedded with
hotspots that launch content. 

Example 360° Tour

3D Booth

Navigate through the virtual booth with immersive imagery embedded with hotspots that launch content.

Example 3D Booth

VR Booth

Build a digital version of your booth that lives in virtual reality where visitors appear as avatars that can see and speak to each other. Experience can be accessed with a VR headset or 2D version via web port. 

Example VR Experience

Types of Virtual Booth Content

Connecting in Your Virtual Brand World

Your virtual booth should provide your customers with a live personal connection to your brand. This can be done through chat, voice, or video call, or webinar, both with your representatives and key opinion leaders.

You can host live “in-virtual booth” product demonstrations via live streamed video:

  • Host a live KOL speaker presentation
  • Host a virtual fireside chat for small groups of visitors via video chat

Virtual Presentations

Presentations can be incorporated as prerecorded content or embedded in
a live streamed video:

  • Zoom and Adobe Connect provide robust videoconferencing, which can be combined with virtual workshop tools, with minimal prep time
  • Pando provides interactive, broadcast-level production value and full technical support (Inception Studios, NJ), which emulates a live experience and is ideal for large-scale internal and external trainings and meetings
  • Engagement tools such as Stormz and Mural provide virtual breakouts allowing for interactive exercises – remotely

Interacting With Your Virtual Brand World

Successful physical booths use an engaging activity to attract visitors.
How can we do something similar – but in this virtual setting?

  • You can host a virtual game or challenge in which visitors can compete against each other or company reps
  • How about a donation-based activity – controlled virtually, but happening in the real world, like a web visitor controlling a physical robot?


Virtual Patient Profile

Inetafct with 3D patient profiles through the web browser. 

Virtual Product Demo

An interactive exploration of product features, or interactive instructions for use.

Please contact your account leads or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above.