McCann Health Managed Markets’ Nancy Codoner weighs in on rising healthcare costs and implications for market access stakeholders

Nancy Codoner, Director of Market Access at McCann Health Managed Markets, addresses potential disruptions across key market channels due to rising healthcare costs. 

“Not only are newer, novel therapies more expensive, but a sharp rise in utilization of specific drug classes in an area such as cardiovascular disease has had significant impact,” Nancy said. “Thus, the driver is not just advancement in technology that results in approvals for unmet needs in rare diseases that consequently come with relatively large price tags, but rather it is a ‘perfect storm’ of technology and an increase in utilization of more current medications that are the focus of indication expansion in area of societal need.” 

She addresses the sustainability of innovative disrupter programs and the push for transparency among stakeholders, noting that “no single stakeholder can lead the charge,” and that it will take a coordinated effort among stakeholders to work towards the common goal of improved patient outcomes.