FCB Health Spark

Headquartered in Warsaw, FCB Health Spark, An IPG Health Associate Company, brings together a team of highly specialized professionals with extensive local and regional health and healthcare expertise. We’re passionate about healthcare with a focus on raising awareness of the strong bond linking patients, HCPs and our pharmaceutical clients.

FCB Health Spark’s services span creative, strategy, branding, consulting and medical writing, combined with digital and technological assistance for Salesforce teams. We support healthcare clients focused in the areas of diabetes, asthma, blood disorders, oncology, rheumatism and arthritis, immunology, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, vaccinations, among others.

Our business is about striking the perfect balance between marketing services, production and content creation. Combined with our expertise in sales support as part of the global IPG Health Veeva team, we ensure guidance and reinforcement for our clients in their effective communication to HCPs. FCB Health Spark is built on the belief that people come first.

An image of seven members of the FCB Health spark team


  • Branding
  • Consumer health, OTC and wellness advertising
  • Digital and multi-channel communication
  • Health consultancy
  • Healthcare professional marketing
  • Local and international medical communication
  • Medical communication
  • Patient engagement programs
  • Production and postproduction for healthcare
  • Specialty practices
  • Strategic planning
  • Technology for medical representatives
  • Veeva Centre of Excellence