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John Donno

With almost 25 years of experience within Interpublic Group (IPG), John leads IPG Health’s information technology strategy as the network’s Chief Information Officer. 

John leads high-performing IT teams across compliance, support, applications, and desktop engineering as well as infrastructure and web operations. He brings a pragmatic, solutions-focused approach to solving business challenges, defining a standardized technology stack, and working to ensure frictionless interconnectivity and interoperability across the global network. Constantly looking to the future, John relentlessly evaluates processes, looking for ways to improve efficiencies through automation, technology investments and better use of data. 

John’s interest in technology developed shortly after college, when he took a junior position in an IT support role. Excited by the opportunities available but feeling that he would benefit from a more formal IT education, John went back to school for his degree. 

Upon graduating in 1999, John joined a small agency – Complete Medical Communications (CMC) – just as they were in the process of being acquired by IPG. Over the years, the consistent growth of CMC, which would evolve into IPG Health Medical Communications, provided fantastic career development opportunities. Through multiple roles in support, infrastructure, and IT management, John gained valuable insights into IT challenges at all levels and exposure to significant business transformation challenges that prepared him for his CIO position at McCann Health Medical Communications. In 2019, John was promoted to Chief Technology Officer for McCann Health globally.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world shortly after, John played a crucial role in ensuring continuity of service and maintenance of connectivity during the unprecedented shift to remote work. Working closely with the McCann Health leadership, John’s pragmatic approach to solving challenges played a key role in ensuring that McCann Health thrived and grew despite global turbulence.