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EDI+You: Impact

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As creative healthcare marketers, we understand that the work we create has a higher purpose, and we seek out any and every opportunity to use our creative firepower to drive lasting and meaningful impact in the world.

We do that through our client work, and passion-driven pro bono partnerships that shine a light on underserved and overlooked communities with leading advocacy organizations. Whether we’re fighting for clinical trial equality with Google and Reddit, advocating for UK healthcare workers’ mental health support with the Laura Hyde Foundation, advancing LGBTQIA+ rights with the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, or fighting to end gun violence with Change the Ref, we LIVE to create work that helps humanity.

Our creative solutions

At IPG Health, we take a critical look at how we create strategic solutions for our clients and unleash an even more inclusive approach that ensures our colleagues, customers and clients feel seen, understood and empowered. This includes everything from how we recruit our creative talent and assign creative briefs to medical and scientific inclusivity, mitigating bias in writing and visualization, broadcast and production selection, casting, and so much more.


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Our healthy obsession with EDI has led to the formalization of our proprietary integrated strategic framework called “inQ” (Inclusion Intelligence Quotient), which ensures we develop inclusive experiences in the work we create every day.

Based on an evidence-based framework and inspired by the Determinants of Health model created by the World Health Organization, we adapted our inQ framework to include the subjective and objective aspects of individuals and their context. Our goal is to understand how multiple determinants and influences impact exclusion or inclusion of people so that we leave no one behind.

inQ insights inspire our thinking and guarantee we deliver experiences that will drive behavior change for good.​​​​​​